IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem - Connected Singularity Platform


IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem

Connected Singularity Platform

IMEUS believes that total connected health is the answer to issues confronting healthcare; healthcare cost, equitable healthcare, lifetime health, decision support, compliance and longevity.

Connected health in the form of singularity; a total Connected Singularity™ Platform that expresses information in an integrated holistic manner, from personal to national health (not as disconnected Information Silos that become increasingly problematic with growing inclusion, compromising realization of healthcare delivery, plans and strategies).

The connected IMEUS Platform addresses these issues as total healthcare information connectivity from institutional hospitals, healthcare providers to lifelong personal health, and in the process help resolve challenges.

The IMEUS Private Blockchain addresses the privacy, security and immutability gaps facing hospital information systems today. Private Blockchain platforms help healthcare provider practitioners reduce the risk of Protected/Private Health Information (PHI) breaches faced by traditional On-Premise and Cloud configurations with encryption runnning off thin client browser cloud connectivity; oftentimes subjecting defaulters to millions of dollars in punitive fines. Do you plan to upgrade to a more secure Blockchain healthcare information for more trust by users and the health consumer?.

Privately owned HealthTech IMEUS collaborates with customers, alliance partners and investors bring healthcare cost and care solutions to nations, care providers and individuals today as one seamlessly connected healthcare information platform serving the entire continuum of care as national health information platform, hospital information system, diagnostic laboratory information system, pharmacy information system, electronic medical records and health consumer portals for the citizen, the individual and their families; for preventive healthcare, for chronic conditions, aged elder and home care

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IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem - Connected Singularity Platform
IMEUS Cloud EcoSystem - Connected Singularity Platform
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